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5 Makeup Products with SPF

SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a mesure of how well a sunscreen will protect skin from UVB rays, the kind of radiation that causes sunburn, damaged skin, and can contribute to skin cancer.
So in order to protect our face using makeup i will show 5 makeup products with SPF!
Note that is very important to use a good SPF cream before any of this produtcs, WHY?? You must be wondering right now!! Simply because even if your foundation has a high SPF it doesnt cover all parts of your face, the same for concealer and powders and so on.
So the first product i want to talk about is Foundation.
This inspired by Marc Jacobs’s “shameless” tattoo, this foundation is meant to enhace, not cover up, your skin. And that includes no flashback from the added SPF 25 in its formula. It has built in technology that suspends the SPF into the pigment particles so that it doesn’t add any ashy undertones to the foundation’s available shades.
*foto credits google images
The second product is Concealer 
Healthy Skin 3-in-1 concealer for eyes from Neutrogena.
This concealer has in its formula titanium dioxide sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 20.
Conceals and nourishes, instantly reduces the look of dark circles and pufiness.
*foto credits google images
Thirth product i want to introduce you is a Powder from Bare Minerals.
The Mineral Veil Finishing Powder has a SPF 25 and its perfect when you want to set your makeup, to remove the natural skin oil, or just to retouch your makeup during the day!
*foto credits google images
Fourth product can just be a Lip Balm and for this product you can get lost in so many option that the market offers you.
My favourite one is also from Neutrogena and its a revitalizing lip balm with SPF 20. After you apply this balm you have 2 option, or you just keep it like this or you can even apply your lipstick on top just to pop some colour if that is your feeling, but note that this balms comes in different shades.
*foto credits google images
Last product i want to talk about someting that i love to use specially for hot summer days. Termal Water with SPF, yes thats right thermal water with SPF, to be more precise Bioderma Hydrabio SPF 30.
With this refreshing termal water you can just refresh yourself anytime of the day, moisturizing and protecting at the same time!
*foto credits google images
Hope you liked this 5 makeup products with SPF, always protect your skin and be beautiful VJ
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