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Arabic Makeup – Products – Qatar

Hello Gorgeous! Arabic Makeup

Arabic Makeup – Products – Qatar

Most of you talked already about Arabic makeup, or because you really like it or simply because you think is “too much”. Well, if you think is too much and if you are used to the European style, than you are right!

Here i will  talk about Arabic makeup and products that i use in my clients here in Qatar, Arabic beauty and why they do it so “heavy” almost like a mask.

Arabic Makeup - Products - Qatar

Why Arabic girls use so much makeup? Why they even use makeup if they will cover it? For sure you already wonder yourself about this, and there’s a simple explanation for that,  what do we want to achieve when we apply makeup? The same as them, self esteem, the feeling of beauty, the power that makeup give’s us.

For Arabic girls makeup is as important as to be dressed. They don’t go out of the house without, and they can go simple or really heavy, depending the situation.

Arabic Makeup - Products - Qatar

As i work here in Qatar i’ve been learn a lot of their culture and i fell in love by the colours and textures. In the beginning i have to tell you i felt a bit “out of my comfort zone” cause i always share that “less is more”, and doing some clients with full coverage foundation was strange for me. As time passed, and with my clients, i learned the beauty of it and i realised how important was for them that kind of beauty.

Products i use in Qatar

So as i learn with them i start searching for new products that nowadays are my “go to”  and i will share with you some that i use here on my clients:

So, let me just tell you that in this business we are learning every day, and this is for me one of the most thankful feelings of my job, every time you see someone wearing makeup full coverage don’t judge them, its about culture and in the end of the day we all want the same.

Be Beautiful!

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I leave you a Arabic Makeup – Products – Qatar video tutorial, enjoy!











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