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DIY BB Cream – Step by Step

Hello Gorgeous! DIY BB Cream

DIY BB Cream – Step By Step

Have you ever wonder why the BB Cream sometimes doesn’t look good on you? Or because it’s the wrong shade or it dries too much on your skin and so on…

Here i will teach you to DIY BB Cream – Step By Step using your own products and without spending money.

Bb Cream is not more than a balm for blemishes. It’s a product with foundation, moisturiser, sun block and sometimes serum. This product is used when you have a rushing life but you still want to look perfect, it’s easier to apply and very quick to apply in rush hours.

DIY BB Cream - Step By Step
DIY BB Cream – Step By Step

Most of the times when we buy something like that, we don’t know the shade that is inside, the sun block and moisturiser. So what better than create your own with the products that you are sure are the best for you, like skin shade and type.

With this 3 easy steps i will teach you how to do it and use it:

1 – What you need;

2 – How to prepare it;

3 – How to apply it.

1 – What you need 

Your own foundation (2 Tsp) recommended Maybelline Fit Me

Your own moisturiser (2 Tsp)

Sun protector (1 Tsp)

Serum (1Tsp)


2 – How to prepare it

To prepare it mix in one small bottle all the products until all of them are blended. Just a tip, you can always identify in your bottle the expiring date of your products.

3 – How to apply it

To apply it put a small amount in your hands and with your fingers blend it in the skin as you were applying a normal moisturiser. For the coverage depends on you, if you want a bit more you can build it, after the first layer dried apply a second one with the same finger technique.

This is an easy and affordable way to have your BB Cream ready to use an always look beautiful!

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Be beautiful!

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