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How To Apply Highlighter Textures

Hello Gorgeous! Highlighters Textures

How To Apply Highlighter Textures

Highlighters can be considered the new trend, but actually makeup artist are using this technique long ago!
There’s some things we need to know about them: Colours and textures.

Right color

Depending on the tone of your skin, it should be the tone of the highlighter, if you have warm or cold skin, choose lighter colour for cold skin and gold colour for warm skin tone.

Another option is to use a translucent powder, which does not add color, just reflects the light. But you also need to be careful about the excess product, so you do not get artificial to look like plastic dolls, girls! You can have a look at my post about Contouring & Strobing!

Highlighter on stick or cream


How To Apply Highlighter Textures
How To Apply Highlighter Textures

They are excellent especially for those who have dry skin, oily skin may not have as good durability, and they are great for when we want to highlight quite some area. They do not look as natural as the previous ones, but they look really beautiful.
Watt’s up from Benefit my favourite.

How to use: They can be applied with a brush or directly in the zone that you want to illuminate. Apply on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, you can also apply on the eyebrow bone and inner corner of the eyes.

Liquid Highlighter


How To Apply Highlighter Textures
How To Apply Highlighter Textures


Many of them already bring a brush in their packaging, in the case of the Benefit High Beam. You can then brush the area and blend it with the fingers or use the brush into the product and then apply on the area that you want to highlight.

To increase the durability you can use a powder highlighter on top for a brighter effect. Liquids work best on oily skins.

Powder Highlighters


How To Apply Highlighter Textures
How To Apply Highlighter Textures


There is not much to say about these highlighters, they are the most common, easier to use. This is my favourite one Mineralize Skinfinish by Mac.
How to use: Apply with a brush, of course. May apply on cheekbones, nose bridge, eyebrow bone, inner corner of eyes.

You can also be interested in my favourite highlighters, this are my top 4!

Be Beautiful!

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