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Make-up mantra

Virginia D Jong is a sought-after name in Doha’s make-up industry. She started her journey in Doha two years ago, when she moved to the country with her husband, who works with Qatar Airways.

In two years, she has established herself but it wasn’t a cakewalk. She has strived hard to achieve the fame and stature that she enjoys today.

Jong has been practising make-up techniques for 10 years. But the first hardship that she faced in Qatar was of language. She had completed her course in her native language Portuguese. But it did not undermine her determination and she took up an online make-up course in English to work with different nationalities.

It was her first make-up workshop with only four students that made her realise how much she loves to teach make-up techniques.”When I came to Doha, I observed that the make-up industry is so vast here, and it would be a great idea to impart knowledge to girls who love make-up but do not know the right techniques. Once, you know the techniques, it is much easier to use products in the right way. And I found my calling in teaching make-up. I do freelance make-up assignments, but after 3-5 hours of a workshop, when we have beautiful faces, enthusiastic girls with smiling faces, I cannot deny that it is the most satisfying part for me,” Jong said.

Virginia established her Facebook page ‘BeautiLicious’ two years back and started uploading her previous work. She started slow and steady with workshops for 3-4 students once in a while. After two years, she has two Workshops- Level 1 and level 2, almost every week.

Level 1 is for beginners and Level 2 is advanced level. During the workshops, Jong provides all the make-up products, brushes and tools. There is also a goodies’ bag for the students at the end of the workshop.

The Level 1 workshop costs QR200, while Level 2 costs QR250, and those are the prices she started with two years ago.”I do not want to increase the price, because there are girls who do not earn much, but they have this great passion to learn make-up techniques. I want to keep it affordable for girls,” she said.

She recently judged the ‘Beauty Challenge’ competition organised by Holiday Villa and was excited to see the emerging talent in Qatar.

We asked her about the latest make-up trends and more, and here is what she had to say.


What are the latest make-up techniques?

The very latest trend is called ‘strobing’, a technique which uses highlighting together with strong contouring, to optimise the shape of the face. This is done with a good highlighter and it must be slightly lighter than your natural skin colour. The focus areas are the cheeks, the bridge of the nose and the bow of the lips.

Five beauty products, every woman should have in her hand bag?

Five make-up products are not enough but if I have to choose, these would definitely be in my hand bag:

1- lipstick / lipgloss
2- kajal
3- compact powder
4- mascara
5- bronzer

How do you pick the right shade of foundation?

This is the most asked question and it’s so simple. First, they should try the foundation along the jaw line and blend it upwards. After you have blended it in, it must be the same tone as your skin. The foundation is a second skin and it’s not used to cover any blemishes or scars. We use colour correctors and concealers for that.

Any skin care tip?

It is very important, especially here, in Doha, to clean, moisturise and protect the skin. Clean and remove all dust, moisturise and protect the skin with a sun block or cream with SPF to keep it healthy. Also, it is very important to remove the make-up before going to bed, to avoid a non healthy skin.

What would you advise aspiring make-up artists.

In Qatar, there are excellent professionals and the ones who want to start off in this field, feel a bit insecure. My advice is ‘Never give up on your dream’.

What make-up myth you would like to break?

Good make-up need not be strong and heavy. Nice make-up can be light and flawless. I also say this in all my make-up workshops ‘Less is more.’

What should one buy to have a basic make-up kit?

f1 nf0 Foundation – MAC face and body
f1 nf0 Concealer – Maybelline Fit me
f1 nf0 Powder – Fix powder Make-up Forever
f1 nf0 Blush and bronzer – Satin Blush by Hean, Matt Bronze by MAC cosmetics
f1 nf0 Kajal – Sephora
f1 nf0 Gel Liner – Anastacia waterproof
f1 nf0 Eyebrow set – Brow this way by Rimmel, Brow powder by Inglot
f1 nf0 Mascara – Extreme Volume Mikyajy
f1 nf0 Eyeshadow palette (nude tones) – Naked 1 urban decay
f1 nf0 Lipsticks – Matteinstense or Vitamin lipstick from Hean
f1 nf0 Basic brush set – BH cosmetics
f1 nf0 Highlighter – Soft and Gentle MaC cosmetics
Can you tell us abut your favourite make-up look?
My favourite is the day make-up look. Here are the steps:
f1 nf0 Cleanse the face
f1 nf0 Apply moisturiser with SPF and apply primer evenly
f1 nf0 Apply a liquid foundation with a flat foundation brush
f1 nf0 Conceal your under eyes with the liquid concealer using triangular disposable sponges
f1 nf0 Set the face with translucid powder or compact powder
f1 nf0 Bronze the face under your cheekbones
f1 nf0 Gently blush it on the cheek
f1 nf0 Fill your eyebrows
f1 nf0 Apply a light base colour eyeshadow all over your eyelid
f1 nf0 Blend the outer corner of your eye with a darker brown colour
f1 nf0 With kajal make you eyeliner and also line your waterline and set with a black or brown eyeshadow really close to the lower lash line
f1 nf0 Mascara just on the top lashes
f1 nf0 Nude or light pink lipstick without liner
f1 nf0 Highlighter on top of your cheeks and nose bone.

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